Meet Charpu, the Drone-Racing Megastar Who Doesn’t Feel Like Racing: A profile of Carlos Puertolas, a Los Angeles drone racer who flies under the nickname Charpu. He’s the world’s best drone racer — who doesn’t like to race. (September 2016)

The Washington Post Magazine:

Can these former felons save Freddie Gray’s violent neighborhood? Safe Streets is a group of former felons trying to stop shootings in Baltimore. But whether they’ll succeed in Sandtown, a neighborhood tired of gun violence but suspicious of police, is to be seen. (July 2016)


The Rise and Fall of the Everyman Tycoon: MakerBot made a bold bet that 3D printers would become as common as mircrowaves — and failed. On the 3D printing revolution that wasn’t. (December 2016)

A League of Their Drones: Drone racing has amassed passionate fans around the world. The Drone Racing League wants to make it a mainstream sport. (March 2016)

Cody Wilson Wants to Destroy Your World: What’s it like being the inventor of the 3D-printed gun, running the world’s most dangerous startup? Slogging, dully agony. (March 2015)


Build it back: Inside Baltimore’s quest to rehab blocks of vacant housing. (November 2016)

The Atlantic:

The Right Suit: To survive a 24-mile-high jump from space, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner wore this inches-thick pressurized suit. (July 2012)

Philadelphia City Paper:

All Heart: North Philly’s Jesse Hart has boxing in his blood. Now he trains with the help of hall-of-fame boxer — and dad — “Cyclone” Hart. A Notable Sports Writing pick in The Best American Sports Writing 2016. (April 2015)

Politico Magazine:

‘Coming to the House of Representatives From Silicon Valley Is Like Going in a Time Machine’: The woeful world of technology in Congress, an investigation. (September 2015)

The Drone Defender: Meet Brendan Schulman, the drone defense lawyer fighting the FAA for freer skies one lawsuit at a time. (January 2015)

Welcome to the Uber Wars: Maryland is the first state to rule the Silicon Valley startup a transportation company, not an app. Will Uber fight back? (September 2014)

Baltimore Magazine:

Safety Lessons: Are colleges protecting students or guarding their own images? (November 2016)

Taking Root: The SEED School, Maryland’s only public boarding school, puts at-risk students on track for college. (September 2015)

Second Language: Local nonprofit Code in the Schools teaches young students computer programming through gaming. (September 2014)

Next City:

Welcome to the Open Data Movement’s Turbulent Teenage Years: The saga of Mark Headd, civic data, and the future of open data in Philadelphia. (January 2015)

How Much Is a Cyclist’s Life Worth, Anyway?: Bicycle commuting has steadily increased over the last decade, but the laws to prevent cyclists from being killed haven’t kept pace. (February 2014)

The Guardian:

From the attic to the Smithsonian: The new National Museum of African American History and Culture is full of items donated by the public and long kept in trunks, closets, and attics. (August 2016)

Los Angeles Review of Books:

How Cherokee Territory Became the ‘Deep South’: A review of “Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Chief John Ross, and a Great American Land Grab,” by Steve Inskeep, co-host of Morning Edition on National Public Radio. (June 2015)


Smith Island Is Sinking Into the Chesapeake Bay. Can It Be Saved?: Erosion and rising seas challenge the less than 300 inhabitants of the last inhabited offshore island on Maryland’s side of the Chesapeake. (November 2015)