I’m a freelance journalist based near Washington, D.C. Subscribe to my newsletter: ajzaleski.substack.com.

Mostly I write about technology, science, and business. And I write profiles on people who do, and don't do, work in those fields. My articles have been published in Bloomberg Businessweek, Popular Science, Wired, The Washington Post Magazine, Men's Health, The Atlantic, Fortune, MediumCurbed, Outside, Politico Magazine, New York Magazine, and elsewhere. Occasionally I write for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

  • Latest feature: in Bloomberg Businessweek about the spotted lanternfly, the newest invasive species in the U.S. that’s poised to inflict more agricultural damage than the stink bug and is known to one entomologist as “the weirdest, most pernicious insect I’ve ever seen.”

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